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Recording how to listen

Do you wanna listen to DS106radio on your iPhone, iPod or iPad? I made this for you! how to set up FStream on your iDevice Here’s the short summary: type in – More information available at: ===== Notes on DispRecorder I used a new (slightly expensive at $10) app called DispRecorder to screen… Read More »

Listening to @Noiseprofessor talk about Forest Gardening

Session by @Noiseprofessor Tuesday February 28, broadcast on #ds106radio He’s BIG on propagation and only interested in plants you can eat. When choosing forest garden plants, consider useful plants; that are useful for food, fibre, dye, medicine, forgagers, soil building. He likes the book by Fukuoka, One Straw Revolution aka Do Nothing Farming. Mound Culture… Read More »

#ds106radio rocks NYC rocks #ds106radio

Thursday October 20 from 9pm-midnight #ds106radio was lucky to have our ears and souls rocked by a strong contingent of #ds106radio heads: @DrGarcia, @jimgroom, @grantpotter, @mikhailg, @mbransons and special guests: @boone, @polarismusic, @louiskatz NYC #ds106radio 1st hour cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by Michael Branson Smith These folks rocked my Thursday night;… Read More »


CALL FOR CONTRIBUTIONS!!! Now is the time for the #ds106radio community to show their love!! DS106Radio is what happens when you mix a tweeting bava one tinkerer AND a whole lot of enthusiastic music-loving story tellers [View the story “Genesis of #ds106Radio” on Storify] Can you dig it? This web radio changed my life, Srsly-… Read More »