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By | October 9, 2012

Do you wanna listen to DS106radio on your iPhone, iPod or iPad?

I made this for you!

how to set up FStream on your iDevice

Here’s the short summary: type in –

More information available at:

Notes on DispRecorder

I used a new (slightly expensive at $10) app called DispRecorder to screen record the steps to set up FStream with the correct URL. I always forget the URL but after about 100 takes, it is ingrained forever in my memory. (Until tomorrow)

Hat tip to Andrew for first blogging about this app last month.

Some of the iTunes app store reviews are mixed, ranging from: ‘awesome, I love it’ to ‘I’m suing, it never works’ and that basically sums up my experience using the app. Except for the suing part, I never get that worked up about anything to want to sue (especially for ten bucks, LOL.

But the dude is correct, sometimes it really just doesn’t work. For some yet to be determined reason, some recordings never make it to the library, which in essence means they never were recorded. I cannot find a pattern for this. I tried different apps to record and the one I wanted to use the most, AutoDesk Sketchbook Pro seems least reliable, often hanging and never opening while being recorded. Then when it finally does open and I do some live drawing, it turns out it doesn’t record! Frustrating!

I thought perhaps time length was a factor so I tried different increments. I can’t definitively say length of time made a difference. Anecdotally it seems that anything over 3 minutes appears to not record but that’s not consistent, as I was able some times to get it to record longer. It almost feels like the recording doesn’t *stick*.

I thought it might have to do with available disk space, so I modified all the quality settings to the lowest possible just for testing. The video above was done at those low settings: Low Video, Half size, lowest possible audio settings. This didn’t stop the inconsistency of the recordings. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

Other little things to note are that the app doesn’t seem to allow you to change the orientation, so if you start in landscape you better hope all your apps are landscape. I was foiled on that one, trying to switch it back and forth from the web page landscape view to Fstream view (which is only in portrait). My video looks a bit amateurish because of the orientation but I’m not that fussed about it at this stage. This probably isn’t really a concern for most apps, I would just keep it in landscape.

Overall, I am pleased with what the app does and how it works. As long as I have a bit of time and a lot of patience I’m sure it will only get better.

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