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By | October 9, 2012

This summer at UnPlug’d 12 I met a lot of cool people whom I’d never interacted with face to face nor online before. Once folks become a part of your network you find out a whole lot of really fascinating things about them.

For example, Matt Henderson. GNA and I knew we liked Matt almost immediately on the train. He had a very hilarious wry sense of humour and the three of us shared some great conversations.

cc licensed ( BY NC ) flickr photo shared by @DrGarcia

Someday, I’ll  download that LiveScribe interview with Matt in that first hour on the train heading north to South River (and then you could hear it too).

cc licensed ( BY NC ) flickr photo shared by @DrGarcia

The thing that surprises me, is that while that was a great conversation and I was able to find out enough about Matt to know that I’d want to follow him on Twitter, I actually did not find out about a fraction of the super cool things he does as a teacher.

For example, this week when I interjected myself into a twitter discussion about the idiot Rob Anders with Bryan Jackson, D’Arcy Norman and Matt. It turns out Matt ran in the last federal election. And that his students ran his campaign. And that it was ALL their idea. He was basically their puppet politician. He tells the whole story in this brilliant TEDx talk about cultivating environments of autonomy.

I have also found out recently that Matt runs a web radio station for his students. How cool is that? He tweeted:

Of course, as this blog can testify, I take any opportunity to talk about ds106 and ds106radio and I’ve been eager to finish it up, as Matt will be doing this Manitoba-wide special area group PD session on Oct 19.

Alas, preparing this video by myself would be a contradiction to ds106radio’s very essence and it just so happens that a convergence of awesome is happening at the Open Education conference in Vancouver Oct 16-18.

This will be the grand moment of collaboration. In one boat, we will have: @DrGarcia @cogdog @noiseprofessor @draggin @grantpotter @dkernohan @brlamb @sleslie @dlnorman @mgershovish @bryanjack (nb: this is just the list from the Jam Camp page – if you are missing from this page, go ADD YOUR NAME!)

I realize that Matt only needs 5 minutes of video to talk about the power of radio for teachers and we’ll have enough footage to make a feature length documentary on the Dead Moocmen alone, but in the end we will have something awesome & concise.

In the meantime, if you’re not heading to Vancouver for Open Ed12, then get yer headphones on and tune into the conference, the jam session, the conversations /LIVE on ds106radio.

If you are unsure how to tune in, visit @grantpotter’s website describing it in crowdsourced elaborate detail.

UPDATE: settings have changed. Visit for info.

Or watch this little teeny tutorial I made.

I downloaded the DispRecorder app today to show you how to listen on an iDevice. If you’re on Android or using a desktop then I’m sure you’re clever enough to transfer the relevant bits of data to various contexts (i.e. the URL is the same)

Happy Listening!

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