Listening to @Noiseprofessor talk about Forest Gardening

By | February 29, 2012

Forest Gardening

Session by @Noiseprofessor Tuesday February 28, broadcast on #ds106radio

He’s BIG on propagation and only interested in plants you can eat.

When choosing forest garden plants, consider useful plants; that are useful for food, fibre, dye, medicine, forgagers, soil building.

He likes the book by Fukuoka, One Straw Revolution aka Do Nothing Farming.

Mound Culture involves piling of organic matter. Hugelkultur is the use of woody waste.
I have an archive somewhere of the time @Noiseprofessor burnt up some woody matter in a closed system and successfully created biochar.

All the plants that live in an area and use each other’s resources symbiotically are known as a guild. Food, feed, climbers, supporters, miners, groundcover, protectors. This can be seen in the forest with the canopy, low tree layer, shrubs, herbaceous layer, groundcover and roots.

A productive region of a forest garden is the edge because it has the most biodiversity between ranges. The edge effect is used to maximize the sun’s influence while planning for succession; positive gradual edge.

This is one time where I think the visuals might have helped me because there were many words I had to look up and concepts that I’d like to explore further.

Luckily, he has a whole blog dedicated to learning more:

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  1. Emily DelRoss

    This is beautiful, Giulia!! I love it! Your “note” helped to make a topic with many different aspects easy to follow and make sense of. Thank you so much for sharing your art work!!

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