Reverend Billy’s #contactcon choir

By | October 23, 2011

As Jim Groom documented, he, Grant Potter and GNA Garcia broadcasted #ds106radio from ContactCon in NYC this week.

The Free Network at ContactCon cc licensed ( BY NC SD ) flickr photo shared by grant.potter

I was reading petervan’s post Cry for Freedom and it reminded me that I had archived a bit of Reverend Billy’s “closing preach where he made 200 attendees softly sing “we are the 99%” and dubbing it with some gospell’ish sermon.”

Not seeing it online anywhere else, I figure it’s worth filling in more small gaps.

I’m not entirely sure of everything he is saying, so I took artistic license.
Reverend Billy at ContactCon – We are the 99percent

We are the 99 percent [refrain]

the children
of the children
of the children
of the children
of the children
of the children
of the children

we need to think 7 generations in the future

true tomorrow

our dreams
our thoughts
our relationships
our talking

7 generations of waiting
we’re here #4life


what do to here?

cross space time
srsly love people

we have to start doing things
new things
make projects
make drafts
make blueprints

to give to each other
give them revolujah
give them revolujah

[make art, damnit]


I wonder if the room had goosebumps?

I did.

[UPDATE: Reverend Billy is all theatrics. The religiosity seemed to sour some people but it’s parody, all parody. I remember when his film, What Would Jesus Buy came out a few years ago. He would exorcise folks in WalMarts. Just like how more “real” news is delivered through a comedy program with Jon Stewart, sometimes the only way to reach the overstimulated masses is to get them through parody and hilarity.]

One thought on “Reverend Billy’s #contactcon choir

  1. Jim Groom

    My experience of the singing was a bit bizarre. I took a video of the whole thing, and his preaching was pretty amazing, the song felt almost strange. Plus I was sitting next to Dr Garcia who was not having it 🙂

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