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By | October 26, 2011

It is Open Access Week and I’ve been listening intently to the proceedings around the world. In particular, I’ve been listening to my friends and colleagues broadcast DS106Radio from the Open Education 2011 Conference in Utah. This morning Jim Groom presented #OccupyOpenEd11, a brilliant talk available in audio and video format. It highlighted the phenomenal and inspiring influence of Gardner Campbell, who also was listening in with Alan Levine.

Here are my visual notes from the session:

cc licensed ( BY NC SD ) flickr photo shared by giulia.forsythe

This has been an especially interesting week with so many events happening. I was also excited to listen to Cathy Davidson give a lecture at UC Davis. I am extremely flattered and honored that she likes my visual notes so much that she wrote to me to ask if she could include them in her blog post reflection on the event.

cc licensed ( BY NC SD ) flickr photo shared by giulia.forsytheas broadcasted by Zack Dowell.

Of course I told her YES! This is exactly why I share my work under Creative Commons licence share-alike! I truly believe universities should be rallying to defend this culture of open sharing!

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