I am the Morning DJ on DS106

By | September 17, 2011

In the wee hours this morning, resident genius Grant Potter slipped into a 3 hour #snorecast. This is not unusual.

It’s a pillar in fact. If you do a #snorecast, you are truly epic. Right, GNA?

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And before I know it, David is on the radio playing Sounds of Silence (the Simon & Garfunkel version not the Grant Potter actual just Silence version).

The archive is lovely (I didn’t get the start of it); the recording starts a bit into the song.

@dkernohan sings Sound of Silence

David played one of his favourite songs and then mentioned that he had been discussing with Nigel, our NZ DJ (who also lives in the future) that the following song should absolutely be DS106’d (that’s a verb, right?)

I am the Morning DJ on DS106

Modified from Harry Chapin, W.O.L.D.

Hello Honey, it’s me
What did you think when you heard me back on the radio?
What did the kids say when they knew it was their long lost daddy-o?
Remember how we listened to the radio
And I said “That’s the place for be”
And how I got the job as an FM Jock the day you married me?
It was two kids and I was was into AM rock
But I just had to run around
It’s been eight years since I left you babe
Let me tell you ’bout what’s gone down


I am the morning DJ on DS106
Playing all the hits for you wherever you may be
The bright good-morning voice who’s heard but never seen
Feeling all of thirty-five going on thirteen

The drinking I did on my last big gig, it made my voice go low
They said that they liked the young sound when they let me go
So I drifted on down to Tulsa, Oklahoma to do me a late night show
Now I worked my way down home again, here to Boise, Idaho
That’s how this business goes


I been making extra money doing high school sock hops
I’m a big time guest MC
You should hear me talking to the little children
And listen what they say to me
I got a spot on the top of my head, just begging for a new toupee
And a tire around my gut from sitting on my butt
But it’s never gonna go away

Sometimes I get this crazy dream
That I just take off in my car
But you can travel on ten thousand miles and still stay where you are
I’ve been thinking that I should stop disk jockeying
And start that record store
Maybe I could settle down if you’d take me back once more

OK Honey, I see
I guess he’s better than me

I love it so much because our friends from the future in NZ, Japan, UK are often broadcasting when it is the very wee hours here in Canada. I often wake up to sets. I do so love my morning DJs on DS106.

4 thoughts on “I am the Morning DJ on DS106

  1. Grant

    thanks so much for capturing David’s live broadcast and sharing it here – love David’s adaptation of I Am The Morning DJ – we really should assemble a #ds106radio /LIVE compilation – so many beautiful moments

  2. Tim Owens

    The Archivist! So glad to see you grabbed this. I listened to it live this morning and it’s great more people will hear it. Love the morning DJs of DS106!

  3. Giulia Post author

    Not quite as great an archivist as I would like. Although I know I had fstream record everything the songs are truncated and don’t do David justice. But I still love it. I record these things so I can listen and re-listen!
    Grant, I FTPd the files up to AutoDJ. Have others that I need to sort out (including your own brilliant stuff)

  4. dkernohan

    Wow – I thought it was just this ephemeral thing, but you recorded it, and now it’s on rotation! Thank you so much, and I’m glad so many people enjoyed it. I’ll try and make a full recording of “I am the Morning DJ…” at some point, but hell, it wouldn’t be #ds106radio (#4life) without futzing and experimentation…

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