Can you count, suckas?

By | October 17, 2011

In honour of

  • DS106Radio’s new awesome PBX VoIP toll free number (dial 1-888-720-4178 from a payphone to broadcast from the street!)
  • Jim Groom’s desire for some theatrical costumes (non-“dirty-hippy-aesthetic”) at the #occupytogether movements, AND
  • My eternal love of everything and anything DS106Radio

I ask you:

Can you dig the 99 percent?

One thought on “Can you count, suckas?

  1. Alan Levine

    In a word or two, “freakin fantabulous”.

    What a way to marry the NYC scenes of Warrior gangs and #occupy, where maybe there are bands within the larger groups. I like how you got actual signs in the crowd scenes (how the heck was that done)– it even has an animated GIF feel to it.

    We just need some ds106 stickers on the backs of the jackets.

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