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Scott Leslie on CBC talkin’ copyright

Scott’s early morning broadcast /LIVE on CBC Radio – Victoria x-casted to #DS106Radio via Scott’s iPhone + Papaya Broadcaster. I was the only listener on ds106radio, so I thought I should archive it. Pre-show Preamble + Show Post-show Post-amble It was great but my only critique would be that Scott forgot to tell them he… Read More »


Whoah, @cogdog blew up all our blogs (I am so honoured!) But like my comment when Jim Groom tried to annihilate his network, we are not so easily stopped. It was a busy Easter weekend around here. Again I feel like I missed so much LIVE #ds106radio and #ds106tv activity. I did manage to catch… Read More »

DS106Radio Memory Lane

This is your brain on DS106Radio: Actually, the image was requisitioned by Dr.Rutherford and Dr.Figg for their upcoming teacher education presentation. They wanted an image to represent the 21st century teacher. I figure a 21st century teacher is focused on the learner and so that’s why I did that brain in the cloud. My inspiration,… Read More »

My Darling Tuesday

On Tuesday March 8 it was the centenary anniversary of International Women’s Day. As such, @DrGarcia and I took over the airwaves of #ds106radio. @DrGarcia skyped me and I broadcasted out using NiceCast. After the tech glitches were ironed out, we were able to really get into the conversation. I archived the broadcast and was… Read More »