Scott Leslie on CBC talkin’ copyright

By | June 20, 2011

Scott’s early morning broadcast /LIVE on CBC Radio – Victoria x-casted to #DS106Radio via Scott’s iPhone + Papaya Broadcaster. I was the only listener on ds106radio, so I thought I should archive it.

Pre-show Preamble + Show

Post-show Post-amble

It was great but my only critique would be that Scott forgot to tell them he was a Pirate.

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2 thoughts on “Scott Leslie on CBC talkin’ copyright

  1. Scott Leslie

    Thanks so much for recording it Giulia. Apparently NO ONE in my family thought to actually turn the actual radio on and listen to my live so now I have the chance to subject them to it again. Mwaahaaahaaa.

  2. Bryan

    Thanks for sharing this, Giulia – happy to hear myself in the little AutoDJ clip that picks up when the stream drops momentarily, too!

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