History-time with Mikhail

By | June 15, 2011

This is a great example of digital interactive (his)tory-telling. Mikhail treated us to another evening of chatting to his parents about their experiences from USSR.

Full Flavour: Listen to all unedited audio of 1h19min here

I’ve used Storify and recorded the audio and am really blogging this so Mikhail can have easy access to his own great material.

It also really warms my heart to see how many connections are made between people.

2 thoughts on “History-time with Mikhail

  1. Jim

    How you tell the story of the actual audio through tweets is amazing in and of itself. A perfect form of twitter storytelling that is focused around a resource, you capture that around the resource and the connections of people brilliantly in this storify. A kind of visualization of all the thingsd we say we do and connect around with learning right there—plain to see. This is profound to me—it lays out visually and textually the way we are interacting around story.

  2. Alan Levine

    Yeah, what Jim said.

    I got home just as Mikhail’s broadcast was wrapping up, and hear it is in all of its contextually glory. This is giving me a lot of thought on how to use Storify more. I cringe a bit at the term of “curating” web content, but this goes beyond some of the older experiments I remember of trying to automatically “glue” things together from site feeds.

    In this case, it is done selectively, and interspersed with commentary, explanation, media, so it not only re-factors the content out there, but adds to it.

    I’m wondering about the possibility of weaving story narratives from disparate tweets, pictures, etc; plus I’m mulling more how to use Storify on my road trip.

    But, just wanted to say this is inspiring ideas!

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