#thoughtvectors selfie

By | June 7, 2014
My best Englebart

My best Englebart

This is my best #thoughtvector selfie. I’m trying not to overthink it. Just geting a post up so I can test the feed. I can always edit this later. Don’t be afraid, they say. I think if @scottlo can get over it, so can I.

My cat liked this selfie activity so much, she wanted to get involved.

my cat likes thought vectors

my cat likes thought vectors

The thoughtvectors syllabus looks really interesting. In particular, the assessments: the nuggets and the concept experiences.

I look forward to seeing it all unfold.

3 thoughts on “#thoughtvectors selfie

  1. Tom

    Fear *is* the mind killer. The Bene Gesserit are never wrong (except for that whole Kwisatz Haderach thing).

    I think you have mastered the Engelbart gaze.

    The folding and unfolding will be interesting no doubt! I’m glad you’re going to play along.

  2. Giulia

    Thanks for the warm welcome. I struggle to articulate my views because I hold so many perspectives in opposition, which I like to think is good for critical thinking, but not so great for clear writing. I hope to describe my home world and the associative trails that allow my to imagine a way to build a better one.

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