Re-imagined Lord of the Flies

By | February 18, 2012

I decided to take one of my fave novels, Lord of the Flies and pay homage to the dude who ruled the Drosophilia Thomas Hunt Morgan.

I did this really quickly using the Wikipedia photos and basic shapes in Photoshop.

I had a few labs in university working with Drosophilia and I’ll never be the lady of the flies. They all died. No genetic information to report on next generation Diptera for me. Luckily more organized and systematic people like Thomas Hunt Morgan existed to figure all that cool stuff out.

One thought on “Re-imagined Lord of the Flies

  1. Alan Levine

    Ninth grade biology. The other section got to do dissections of fetal pigs and in Mr Murrays class we got to look at fruit flIes and leaves in the microscope. We got revenge by leaving the jlid open on the jar that held the flies. Poor Mr Murray was always windowing why there were so many bugs loose in his room.

    I was a brat in high school for sure.

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