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By | February 18, 2012

Me and the gals learned to stop worrying and love the propaganda.

Because we’re in DS106 now.

This is an ANIMATED propaganda poster based on “We’re in the army now” retro poster. I used Photoshop and very crudely selected out the bits I wanted to erase, used the eyedropper to select the background colour and filled in parts. This was not satisfactory in some sections so I had to use the rubber stamp tool to clone and get the right variety of colours. Thanks to @cogdog I was able to use the opacity animation feature to make a layer 100% to 0% visible across the animation timeline. I never knew that was there! There are also animation ability for position which would have made my bread head assignment way easier to do, instead of using nudge, you can just set key frame position and Adobe figures out the tweening for you.

Learning, learning, always learning! (hmm…sounds like another propaganda poster)

8 thoughts on “Join in the brand

  1. dkernohan

    Awesome… where do I sign up! 🙂

    Purity. Truth. Beauty.

  2. nikki

    You totally earn extra stars for animating it! I was just thinking about all the craziness that is DS106 and how I’ve been learning all this new stuff that I didn’t even know I wanted to learn.
    I love the tag line “Now made more awesome with Daily Create.” Yes, indeed.

  3. Linda

    I LOVE the animated music notes! A singing poster! You did an awesome job with the fonts to make them look authentic. I had a lot of difficulty with mine.

  4. Mandi

    This is so cool. I want to put it on my wall and recruit people. 🙂 Love the subtly of the animation, and I agree, the typography is really well done.

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