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Pure Bread is two steps away from In Bread

I’d like to tell you a story of bread and spandex. First, there was this tweet… #ds106… I give you this as a present. — Tom Woodward (@twoodwar) February 8, 2012 Then @noiseprofessor up and @JimGroom-ified that breathtaking toe-tapping, spandex spectacle and transformed it into a piece of beauty. Strangeness ensued with Cat Breading… Read More »

Fantasy Ted Talk: Beatrix Kiddo & Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique

What can I say? Beatrix rocks. (From Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill) Kudos to Ben for his Lebowski TED Talk, (where you can also download his awesome Photoshop template) and of course, creating this killer Fantasy Ted Talk assignment. Also huge props to John Johnson for taking it next level combining the Animated GIF assignment. I… Read More »

yam yam

If there was any doubt about Tom Woodward’s assertion that the Snowball effect is a key to DS106 success, I hereby present to you the tale of the Yam-snowball-visual assignment 311: Yam Yam: Add a yam to your favorite movie and make a picture. It started in the comments of Michael Branson Smith’s No Words… Read More »

Picturing Prufrock

Inspired by Jim’s Etherized on a Table and Joan’s There is Time, I decided to also give Serena’s Picturing Prufrock assignment a whirl. The symbolism in The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock is so rich. Every line has imagery I’d love to illustrate. I could happily spend days illustrating these stanzas. I chose one… Read More »

My Dog, My Muse

Must. Make. DOG. GIF. ASAP! Why must I make a dog gif? Well, let me take you on a journey through my thought process. As you may know, I have already written how much I love photograph nostalgia like Dear Photograph. Yesterday my friend emailed me a link to Back to the Future. Be still… Read More »