Ada Lovelace calculates her love of the Juan Pollo burrito

By | January 28, 2012

cc licensed ( BY NC SD ) flickr photo shared by giulia.forsythe

Lady Ada lived from 1815-1852. She is credited as being the first computer programmer for her work with Charles Babbage. Everyone knows that code monkeys need good snacks and having lived most her life in Ockham, Surrey, Ada lived by Occham’s razor principle, i.e. the most simple answer must be the right answer. And what is more simple and delicious than a burrito? Of course, Ada liked her burritos from Juan Pollo named obviously after her famous romantic father Lord Byron‘s most epic poem: Don Juan.
Lady Ada was nicknamed The Enchantress of Numbers for her calcuated mathmagical prowess and also because she didn’t need an analytical engine to know that a delicious burrito for a $2.99 was a steal not to be dismissed!

After chatting with birthday boy, @scottlo he chided me for not having done this assignment and well, it’s true this assignment needed Ada, like Ada needed that burrito. So I threw this together.
Image credits: Ada portrait by Margaret Carpenter and Juan Pollo’s menu website
dropped into photoshop, used the pen tool, turned to selection, deleted bits I didn’t want. et voila.

6 thoughts on “Ada Lovelace calculates her love of the Juan Pollo burrito

  1. lockmantuj

    For The Win

    I’m so glad someone picked Ada Lovelace. I love the wit in your write up. You’ve got a way with the words.

  2. dkernohan

    Superb 🙂

    That’s pretty much what I wear when I eat mexican. Of course, I’m all about nachos and 5-bean chilli.

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  4. NoiseProfessor

    I love the idea of how the links between these assignments knit together to reveal an alternate reality – a web of interconnected computer pioneers eating fast food. Profound. Also incredibly funny.

  5. nikki

    That is brilliant. I had no idea this woman existed, and now that I do, I’m so glad that she eats burritos.

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