The Digital Scholar, Manga Version

By | September 26, 2011

This week the Change11 Mooc is faciliated by Martin Weller and we are looking at The Digital Scholar.

His most recent post he tells us that his new book is finally available in open access.

And goes on to tell us that open access means:

  • open as in arms
  • open as in doors
  • open as in ended
Regarding open-ended:  “If anyone wants to take the HTML version and create an Egyptian hieroglyphics version delivered via 1988 version of HyperCard – well, they can”
That made me laugh out loud.
Then I see that in the comments he chides that he is looking forward to the Manga version of his book.
Well, Martin, I’m all too happy to oblige. I present to you, page 1 of The Digital Scholar, Manga Version:

The Digital Scholar

5 thoughts on “The Digital Scholar, Manga Version

  1. Tony Searl

    Lurving the chillbangin’ manga.
    Can I please have salt AND vinegar on my schollops?
    Deffo a Golden Wonka Badge for this 😉

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