Gollum for Prime Minister!

By | April 18, 2011

You know it’s telling when I ask an 11 year old what she thinks would be a good mash up and the first thing she can think of is Gollum & Stephen Harper

I wanted to mash up Carrie with High School Musical. Or Sherlock Holmes with Blues Clues. Or Dora the Explorer with the Grateful Dead. Or NoiseProfessor with Toy Story mutant toys. But she wanted Gollum & Stephen Harper. I’m an equal opportunity democracy supporter, so I gave some Gollum voice to all four white male candidates: Stephen Harper (Conservative Party of Canada), Jack Layton (New Democratic Party), Gilles Duceppe (Bloc Quebecois) and Michael Ignatieff (Liberal Party of Canada).

I guess you could call that an endorsement for Elizabeth May, the Green candidate, who incidentally was not invited to the debate. That reminds me of my favourite, most accurate tweet of the debate:

i think elizabeth may won the leaders’ debate.less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

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