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March flew by without a single blog post. I’ve been drawing. A lot. But not my doodle-a-day, not some critique of academic publishing. No, I’ve been drawing in a GAME. Yes, me. The non-gamer has found a game that takes away hours of my day. Drawing with friends.

In case you’ve been in a cave (or busy living your life) the game is Draw Something and it’s had about 50 million downloads in 50 days. The company was just bought by Zynga for some bazillion dollar number. I love drawing real words. I am less enamoured with drawing pop culture icons. Though sometimes I find a celebrity that I can get behind.

cc licensed ( BY NC SD ) flickr photo shared by giulia.forsythe

Drawing Transformers and the recent late night DS106Radio google hangout viewing of the Transformers movie has had those robot vehicles on my brain. So when I heard about the Canadian government’s outrageous spending on the fighter jets I couldn’t help think of the Decepticons.

cc licensed ( BY NC SD ) flickr photo shared by giulia.forsythe

So I’ve been so busy drawing and reading news of acquisitions I haven’t even done a Daily Create in yonks. I’ve even missed DRAWING daily creates. Well I resolved to remedy that immediately today and draw something that shows perspective. Which, by the way, I may have submitted, so I definitely should do the assignment!

Fast forward to the fact that CogDog has created teh awesome DS106 REMIX machine! I went and spun the wheel a couple of times and came up with the Free Advertising remixed with Seuss it Up.

cc licensed ( BY NC SD ) flickr photo shared by giulia.forsythe

Yep, I’m mashing up the Daily Create with the Remix assignment. Though I am a bit disappointed with myself that I didn’t use the student example assignment. I realize that’s the entire idea of the remix riffing snowball genius. I’ll do another one, I promise.

It’s just that I really could not bring myself to actually advertise for any shoe company. The whole idea made me think of Dr.Seuss’ Sneetches on Beaches book. Where that clever Mr. Sylvester McMonkey McBean shows up with his star machine and creates a whole system of haves and have nots designed around the principle of want.

We try so hard to assert our uniqueness that when something becomes too popular, it then becomes uncool.

Mr. Sylvester McMonkey McBean knew this and so he devised a star off machine for those sneetches who didn’t want to be like everyone else.

For me to use shoes as an example turns a brilliant analogy into a very literal interpretation but sometimes things could be more blunt.

It’s not unlike how I’m feeling about Instagram these days. I am not an avid fan of Facebook and I certainly share concerns about privacy issues as Facebook has screwed me over more than once by resetting my privacy settings.

But I found it fascinating to watch the rising concern that Instagram would lose its cool once the Android folks surged in. Then today wave of shock, horror and dismay worrying that the social network has lost its cool by association to Facebook.

I realize community is a delicate ecosystem but at the end of the day, it’s the people we are connecting to. Let’s not forget that the brand is secondary. I hope. Stars or swooshes.

That’s just my late night perspective.

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  1. Giulia Post author

    Ah thanks so much for your speedy search of that assignment. I love that Remix tool. I’m going to do another one tonight. I hope 🙂

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