Pronounced: JEWEL-EEE-YA

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  • art, math, music and where they intersect.
  • + 1 for science, cuz it works.
  • #ds106 as a philosophy of education
  • Staying up really late listening to #ds106radio

That wasn’t enough? Ok. Read on…

Completed my Bachelor of Science in Biology and Integrated studies concurrently with a Bachelor of Education at Brock University. Certified by the Ontario College of Teachers. I took 7 years off between my first year and last year of university; during that time I spent some time at George Brown College in the Electronic Desktop Publishing program where I learned a lot, even if I don’t have a certificate to prove it.

By day, I am a mild mannered Special Projects Facilitator for the Centre for Pedagogical Innovation at Brock University in St.Catharines, Ontario, Canada.

I’ve been pleased to work on projects to help formulate best practices and policies at Brock University, like academic integrity policies and the creation of an Academic Integrity Officer and best practices in Evaluation of Teaching¬†document endorsed by the Brock University Senate.

Currently, I mostly facilitate adult learners, specifically faculty and teaching assistants in the areas of curriculum design, instructional skills workshops and teaching online.

Increasingly, I am interested in Visual Practice mostly because it makes me very happy to draw but professionally speaking, there are growing research findings indicating that it can be great teaching & learning tool.

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13 thoughts on “About

  1. Peter Judson

    Hi Giulia,

    I am a high school teacher in Montreal. While doing some web research I ran across an image you created called “Becoming a Critically Reflective Teacher. I love it. I am just finishing up my new teacher web site and I wanted to use this image on one of my pages. Of course, I need your permission. May I? This is all non-profit, instructional internet use for students/parents/colleagues.



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  3. Fred Glass

    Giulia: Similarly to Peter above, I saw your wonderful “The MOOC” movie poster and thought it would the perfect thing to go with an article on MOOCs written by some community college faculty who are not enthralled with the concept. I’m the editor of the California Federation of Teachers’ thrice-yearly community college print publication, “The Perspective”. Our next issue is in preparation. The publication is sent free to our members, accepts no advertising, we are a teacher union. May I use it? Fred

  4. Giulia Post author

    Hi Fred,
    Yes, by all means, feel free to use the poster. It is a remix of the original BLOB poster and I released it under creative commons, so please attribute accordingly and share-alike. My hope is that creative commons and broad fair dealing/ fair use get the focus here, as these are critical for education and far more important than MOOCs.

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  6. Dyan Lester

    Hi, Miss Giulia! It was a pleasure to meet you at the TAA conference, and I’m glad I found your blog. :) I love looking through your art from the meeting, and excited to look more into this method of note-taking and processing info. Thanks for introducing me.

    Take care, and I hope to see you next year-
    Dyan (from SW Virginia)

  7. Giulia Forsythe

    Hi Miss Dyan!
    So nice of you to stop by my blog. It was lovely to meet you in MN. Thanks for being such interesting company and teaching me words like “phlebotomy”. I hope your program goes well this year and I hope to hear updates on its successes.

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  9. Dr. Marcia Ashbaugh

    I am just wondering if I might have permission to use one of your photos posted on Flickr for an online course I am designing for the University of Illinois? It is a rush job, so would appreciate a quick reply. It is the one called Designing Online Courses, I think, but has the banner “planning online courses” near the top. I just love the way it depicts the actual ‘mess’ of the design ‘process’ – ha!
    Thanks, Marcia

  10. Derek (Bill) Bailey

    Greetings Giulia,
    “My hope is that creative commons and broad fair dealing/ fair use get the focus here, as these are critical for education and far more important than MOOCs.”
    What delicious heresy.
    There appears to be a growing trend at many levels and in many countries that MOOCs will be the ultimate panacea.
    But as I see my grandchildren develop in their world where they have never not known what it is to be connected then I think that your view is right on the money.
    And I am totally gobsmacked at the passion of your art and mind maps.
    Simply superb

  11. Giulia Forsythe

    @Derek, I’m always pleased when anything I’m associated with is described as “delicious heresy”! Thanks for stopping by, keep fighting the good fight.

  12. marya

    hi Giulia!
    I found your image of campfire/radio/storytelling in a google image search, as I was looking for a picture that conveyed that very idea – the new digital realm of closeness we are creating with audio. I’m a radio-maker/lover, and working on some how-to resources for a co-op radio station here in Nelson BC. I was hoping I could use your image in one of those manuals?! I will absolutely credit you for the work – I love it! let me know what you think. the manuals are for use mostly in-studio here at Kootenay Co-op Radio, but will also be uploaded to our website for access by interested folks in the web.

    thanks! and thanks for your lovely work – as an educator I’m excited to read more!


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