Wäscälly Wäbbits Weception

By | June 11, 2012

Big virtual party as we (sorta) gather all the pictures of the Wäbbits for our big group photo.

Listening to the wisdom of my RSS feeds, Ben reminds us that camp counselors should lead by example. Fellow Wäbbit, John saysKeep Calm and Make a GIF. Not sure how to take Bava’s below the belt advice, but since he was inspired by our other Wäbbit Chanda it must be good.

In honor of herding Wäbbits, I have made a special group photo and included a couple of the animated gifs I made this week. Do not adjust your set. This is the technical difficulties assignment!

Special appearance of @dlnorman‘s bathroom shark (from the storybox)

Too much Coke for Bava

Too much Coke for Bava

and the Gladiator

Please Stand By. Wäscälly Wäbbits are just warming up.

4 thoughts on “Wäscälly Wäbbits Weception

  1. John

    The Wäbbits are starting to come together. I love the framing of the technical difficulties gif, I’ll borrow that idea sometime. Maybe I’ll borrow gladiator too for my Kung fu match with Jim Groom

  2. Ben

    Glad that I got some things started with some other bunks. Ours has been pretty much dysfunctional from the start thanks to Bava Inc. brand pot-stirring. Not an excuse though, Tim and I will have to step this thing up, as we only have 3 truly active members of the only “all open participant” bunk at camp.

    I LOVE the toy television technical difficulty image! You knocked this one out of the park 🙂

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