UnPlug’d: Voices & Choices

By | August 22, 2011

I’ve been thinking a lot about my recent “cathartic odyssey” a.k.a UnPlug’d since returning over two weeks ago.

Today The UnPlug’d Why ____Matters, Chapter Two: Voices & Choices has been released.

I was lucky to be in this group and so I must share a bit of what that experience was like, from my perspective.

When they say the fun is in the journey, this is quite literally true.

Journey by Chris Harbeck

Like the 23km bike ride, the editing process was indeed a bit magical. My group was so unique (just like all the other groups); it was crammed with beautiful, intelligent, talented people really committed to the project.

Our group at Unplugd

Our group at Unplugd

Peer editing with a group of individuals like Andy, Kathy, Rodd, DS106 Radio– Thursdays at 9PM EST for Author panels!

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