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Data Mine

Another great #etmooc session this eve. Audrey Watters dropped some awesome thought bombs. She posed some challenging questions, as we move beyond the analog manilla envelope (like her mom collected of her school artefacts) into the digital realm and quintillions of bytes are collected daily. How do students, teachers, administrators, schools, and governments decide who […]

#ds106, valentine edition

Lots of funny #ds106valentine caption assignments seizing the moment today. I know everyone is working hard on their #ds106 Valentine Day Caption Challenge #ds106 #etmooc — Alan Levine (@cogdog) February 14, 2013 How could I not oblige? After watching smart librarians attempt to engage in civil, meaningful debate on twitter I thought I should […]


Inspired by Linda’s DS106, The Movie design assignment and the eerie but awesome Make Jim Groom Art, Damnit! visual assignment, I have attempted my own movie poster starring Professor Jim Groom, the intrepid explorer raiding the lost art! cc licensed ( BY NC SD ) flickr photo shared by giulia.forsythe I cannot begin to tell […]

Learning by Design: Sketchnoting in DS106

Jim Groom invited me to present to his DS106 class yesterday. Unfortunately this week has been a challenge to do things in the evenings synchronously so I pre-recorded this video [7min] For those of you who can’t sit through 7 minutes of video, here’s a quick outline of the talk: Introduction to me (In B&W, […]