12 thoughts on “Takin it to the Streets.

  1. Michael Branson Smith

    Giulia! Thank you so much for putting together this Storify. I was planning to do something like this and now I don’t have to. You rock, rock, rock!

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  3. Jim

    This is an amazing archivist by ds106radio’s most amazing archivist! Rad, thanks for this.

  4. Bryan

    Man, was Storify made for #ds106radio or what? Thanks for the recording and this great compendium of tweets, pics and other archival materials. Hopefully it’s not the last we hear from the Occupiers on the radio.

  5. Alan Levine

    Beautiful work by our archivist and our man on the streets. I really enjoyed listening to the interviews during my drive today. The sounds and the voices on the street really bring home the realness of it. Thanks!

  6. Grant

    Thank you so much for putting this up Giulia – I missed the live broadcast this morning and was so jazzed to see you have chronicled this wicked broadcast here – you rule! As I listen to your archive I am working on getting the 1-888 trunk up and hope to do some stickering around the protest when in NYC to encourage protesters to call in to give us all some more #occupywallstreet #ds106radio updates on the fly.

  7. Giulia Post author

    Hey all, thanks for all the comment love.
    Thanks Michael, especially, for going down there. I really think it’s important we stay informed and pay attention to this movement.
    As for archiving I often watch, read and listen to it all of you in awe. I’m just glad I can contribute in some way by sharing it back out quickly and widely.

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  11. Brian

    Just listened – nice work Giulia (and Michael!). The Storify bits amplify the audio perfectly.

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