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By | November 6, 2011

This week’s #change11 facilitator is Dave Cormier, talking about Rhizomatic Learning – Why We Learn. I saw him present at the University of Guelph #eportfolio week earlier this year.

I know that as the Manager, Web Communications and Innovations at Prince Edward Island University he is well versed in the pragmatist view of a bureaucratic policy maker. Ah, but you don’t have dig too deep below that job title to see that Dave is also a husband, father, French philosopher-citer, teacher, @gsiemens-contrarian, coffee-science hobbyest and nomadic, rhizomatic learner. Perhaps even a #socialartist?

Leslie Lindballe went on ds106radio a couple weeks ago, did some rhizome reading and reflecting live on the air. The following week Dave presented in Alec CourosECI831 class and I downloaded the video, listened to it on my mobile and did a little bit of drawing.

My Animated Doodle about Rhizomatic Learning

I like it for my first real try. But. Do you know what it really needs?

Someone to say something.
Narrate this thing!
Sing to it!
Play the guitar, ukelele! Or didgeridoo! Or piano!
Just make some sense of it. (if any is to be found!?)

So, I’m issuing a remix challenge. Record some audio for my doodle: using your PC, Mac, mobile, soundcloud, YouTube, etc. (your tool of choice, etc.), while watching the video and post it here for me. Or download the video using MPEG StreamClip and do whatever you like to it! (Update: I’ve made a version without audio for easier remixing)

Of course, feel free to take your own nomadic rhizomatic learning path. Cuz that’s cool too.

Some of my fave nomads: Leslie and Alan Levine (hopefully GNA Garcia) are joining me in a G+ hangout Wednesday November 9, 2pm EST to talk to Dave about Deleuzian, Rhizomatic Nomadic Learning. I think Tim Owens will be there (yaay!) and we *might* also be on DTLT Today. (Please join us if you can!)

Technical Sidenotes

I’ve been wanting to try animation for a while now but have gotten in the comfortable groove of using AutoDeskSketchBookPro and not Brushes, which will record your brush strokes on the iPad to make a movie. However, in light of Tim Owen‘s recent question: where is the change? and Nancy White‘s highly interactive and thought-engaging week about #socialartists, I decided to move out of my comfort zone, try Brushes again and do a little animation. Resolution could be better. Anyone know what export settings I should use from iMovie!? It goes in sharp and comes out fuzzy 🙁 Audio: mixed in some CC music by Serge Seletskyy.

UPDATE: Discussion with Dave Cormier about Rhizomatic Learning, joined by Zack Dowell, Leslie Lindballe, Bryan Jackson

18 thoughts on “Rhizome Remix

  1. Nancy White

    Wow! Freakin awesome. I’m not sure you need narration but I might have picked music less melancholy, personally, but I think that is just my age showing!!! :-). You might ask Rachel about the resolution thingie. I bet she would know!

  2. Giulia Post author

    Thanks so much, Nancy! I chose that music simply because it had in the title Traveller. I’m a bit naive with audio still.
    I agree, there’s definitely better fit…out…there…
    I really hope the network comes forward and adds something appropriate. That would make me so happy. Plus, it might model some rhizomatic learning and social artistry. Maybe.

  3. George Siemens

    Outstanding work Giulia!!

    The creation of artifacts to communicate personal understanding and coherence formation is a magical aspect of open courses. We, as viewers, gain insight into how you connected the concepts that Dave presents in his discussion this week. From CCK08/09, the most memorable aspects of the course, for me, continues to be the artifacts that participants created (Drexler’s Connected Student, MOOC cows/ducks, etc.).

  4. nancy white

    Just had a thought. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone CREATED music for this? WE should query Dave on his fave musical forms. I think we could make something.

  5. Giulia Post author

    YES! Creation. That’s what I’m looking for, exactly. Dave plays guitar, so does Bon, I think. I hear they learned some Dylan. I was actually hoping @onepercentyello would be up for the task, she’s great on the ukelele and very quick with the clever improv lyrics. (No pressure, Leslie!)
    But Nancy, if you know someone (perhaps YOU?) who would like to create some music, the invitation is open, open, open!

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  7. Sandy Brown Jensen

    Hold it! It seems like a whole bunch of you kids have gone off t have fun someplace and didn’t tell me? I’m playing over in DS 106 and suddenly the scene with the intellectual content is over in some other MOOC? I wanna play!
    I love what you’re doing here! Thanks for saying you used Brushes–I didn’t know. I often do visual note-taking at meetings, and this is a neat step up from that. COGDOG remixed you, and that is cool, too.
    I am always interested in the trajectory of a line of thought, whether that is a voice lecture or a listening doodle or a remix, rethink video. I am engaged by both the original thought and the creative medium.
    Thank you!

  8. Giulia Post author

    Hi Sandy,
    Thanks for stopping by!
    I am a DS106er #4LIFE to be sure but this term I decided I wanted to scaffold my DS106 digital fluency learnings on new level. Partially this has been a response to criticisms that DS106 isn’t scalable but mostly because I thrive on integration and there are many discipline specific MOOCs that have my interest, specifically #Change11 and #econoMOOC.
    By all means, join the party! MOOCs are fluid streams, dip your toe in whenever you please, as you please, how you please.

  9. Collin Gayle

    This is really great I like it a lot, I do feel that this is a very good way to get a point across because it is entertaining, it gets people interesting in listening. I like the instrumental as well it definitely seems like something that someone could do good audio on.

  10. Tereza

    I can create a song but youtube does not accept my music.

  11. Giulia Post author

    Hi Tereza, is it original music? If it’s just audio, upload it to soundcloud.com or your blog, perhaps?

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