Big Data Sensemaking

This week for Thought Vectors we are to read Vannevar Bush’s 1945 Atlantic essay As We May Think and choose a nugget. This means to: Take a passage from the reading that grabs you in some way and make that passage as meaningful as possible. creative commons licensed ( BY-ND ) flickr photo shared by frau-Vogel Choosing just one… Read More »

How do I feel when I think?

Wow, what a great question. I’m with Cindy on a lot of points, it’s not an easy question to answer. At first, I wanted to glibly say, “Great! I feel GREAT when I think!” but a my over-riding skeptical side knows that’s just not true. To work it through, I charted out my “logical” thought… Read More »

#thoughtvectors selfie

This is my best #thoughtvector selfie. I’m trying not to overthink it. Just geting a post up so I can test the feed. I can always edit this later. Don’t be afraid, they say. I think if @scottlo can get over it, so can I. My cat liked this selfie activity so much, she wanted… Read More »

Reappropriating Innovation

May 13-16 I visited the lovely Thompson Rivers University campus in Kamloops, British Columbia for the Canadian Network for Innovation in Education conference. The theme was confluence, which draws on the unique geography of Kamloops, situated at the confluence of the North and South Thompson Rivers. The concept of water meeting was mimetic through many… Read More »

Drawing on Walls with Nancy White

Kicking off CNIE2014, this year I was head-over-heels-excited to participate in a graphic facilitation workshop led by the amazing Nancy White as a full day pre-conference session. It was a great opportunity to connect with old friends, friends I only knew online (until now) and of course, make new friends. The day progressed so smoothly… Read More »

Connect 2014

May 8 & 9, 2014, a new batch of spotlight speakers inspired, shared, learned, and connected with over 1500 attendees Rocking #canedu14 with @dkuropatwa @datruss @thecleversheep @wrightsroom @zbpipe — Valerie Irvine (@_valeriei) May 8, 2014 Here’s a quick summary of the sessions I attended: Werewolves of Learning, by University of Toronto professor, Steve Joordens… Read More »

Just Bloody fun: 1840s GIF Party

Everyone loves a good 1840s GIF party. There’s an amazing collection of them growing as part of this DS106 assignment, at the GIFfight Tumblr, many by the CogDog himself. I chose to GIF up this Oil paint on canvas Ellen Terry as Lady Macbeth (1889) by John Singer Sargent (1856‑1925).  The famous actress, Dame Ellen Terry (1847-1928), is shown here… Read More »

Drawing TEDx, Talking Visual Notes

Last month, I was pleased to be invited by Antonio Vantaggiato and his team to Puerto Rico to live draw visual notes for TEDxUSagradoCorazón. cc licensed ( BY SA ) flickr photo shared by Alan Levine In the past, I’ve seen quite a few TEDx events drawn live on paper but I was excited to… Read More »

Minding the Future [Visual Notes] #OpenVA

Monday was the Canadian Thanksgiving holiday and I had the pleasure of eating far too much turkey and pumpkin pie on Sunday. The day off work gave me the great opportunity to digest all the food and also take in some great sessions live streamed from Virginia’s OpenVA conference kick off – Minding the Future.… Read More »

DS106 as an act of feminism

Today’s Daily Create prompts: “We predict the next book by @anya1anya is about #ds106. Design her some cover art” Originally, I thought I’d be clever by a half and do something snarky or funny but this ended up being quite a sincere work. Go figure. I really think Anya should write her book as a… Read More »