History-time with Mikhail

This is a great example of digital interactive (his)tory-telling. Mikhail treated us to another evening of chatting to his parents about their experiences from USSR. { Full Flavour: Listen to all unedited audio of 1h19min here } I’ve used Storify and recorded the audio and am really blogging this so Mikhail can have easy access […]

© in #ds106Radio Revisited

Okay, so Alec Couros called me out for identifying the white elephant in the #ds106Radio room but still not actually discussing it. I know Alec and I are on the same side of this issue but I agree that it is worth discussing and deconstructing. Clearly *someone* else does too, because he has pre-loaded the […]


ILTBHFYTR = I Left This Pirate Box Here For You To Read First off, I am so glad Alan is renaming the Pirate Box a Story Box because although I love the antidisestablishmentarianism ethos of the “Pirate” and the spirit of the box is autonomy, I have no interest in “pirating” content. As for the […]

1 Day in Canada

I just finished uploading 5 videos for the 1 Day in Canada project on CBC. On any ordinary day in Canada, extraordinary things happen. Canadians have remarkable stories to tell. And for the past 75 years, the CBC has enabled us to share those stories with each other. This year, we celebrate this rich heritage […]


I just responded to JJ’s comment about my AR submission to Life Eroding, wherein I think his project is a great example of authentic assessment. A real life project, real life consequences and real life connections. Now I see that Martha Burtis has posted about DS106 authenticity, where students are concerned that their work is […]

Life Eroding

As per @cogdog’s moving tribute and prompt, I am playing along with the crowdsourced Augmented Reality music video project, which will be produced by a class of 20 students on the Tokyo campus of Temple University. Life Eroding The sorrow I am trying to convey is about the erosion of childhood; both through the passage […]


Whoah, @cogdog blew up all our blogs (I am so honoured!) But like my comment when Jim Groom tried to annihilate his network, we are not so easily stopped. It was a busy Easter weekend around here. Again I feel like I missed so much LIVE #ds106radio and #ds106tv activity. I did manage to catch […]