Newspaper Blackout Poetry

By | January 23, 2011

News Blackout Poetry

The educators I follow on twitter have seemingly endless bounds of creativity.  Their incredible work has inspired me to participate, at least briefly in @jimgroom‘s #ds106.

First there was the remix of Gardner Campbell’s Bag of Gold, then it was amazing digital story telling: Until that Moment, and now, #ds106 radio. All have been really inspiring and fun. I should note that if you mapped as a venn diagram, it would look something like this:

Ds106 Inspiration

While I am not following the course linearly, I found a section called assignments and have cherry-picked an assignment that I could do quickly and would be fun. I opted for a visual assignment, since I am still experimenting with visual notetaking using the iPad and SketchBook Pro. I really like the rough-edgy nature of Tim Owens‘ Assignment 11: Newspaper Blackout Poetry: “Grab a marker and today’s morning edition and start blacking out sections to create a new story. It could be a poem, a picture, or a novella, all drawn from the words of the latest news.”

I decided to use the term “newspaper” liberally and use the Google Reader #ds106 feed in Flipboard instead. I took a screen capture of that page, imported it into SketchbookPro on the iPad and scribbled away. It was fun.
FlipBoard #ds106 Feed Screenshot
So, thank you, Jim Groom and Grant Potter and all those who have contributed to ds106 radio that have gotten me blogging again. I feel like I just found a bag of gold.

3 thoughts on “Newspaper Blackout Poetry

  1. Grant

    Huzzah! Love the blackout poetry visual – great idea. Looking forward to seeing your experiments in other categories over the coming weeks.

    Also … you, @kylemackie, and I need to meetup again in 2011 to resume plans for Copyright Smackdown – Round II … this time I suggest we beat up on Access Copyright Interim Tariff ‘arrangements’ 🙂

  2. Giulia Post author

    Thanks Tom & Grant. I have really enjoyed the creativity bursting out of #ds106.

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