My Darling Tuesday

By | March 11, 2011

On Tuesday March 8 it was the centenary anniversary of International Women’s Day. As such, @DrGarcia and I took over the airwaves of #ds106radio. @DrGarcia skyped me and I broadcasted out using NiceCast. After the tech glitches were ironed out, we were able to really get into the conversation. I archived the broadcast and was able to extract my very favourite section.

@DrGarcia reading her poem “Tuesdays” [right click to DOWNLOAD]
La Senorita Mondragon
Just a GNA-Inspired drawing I did on my iPad while listening to Tuesdays.

Seated across from the closed window the revolutionary sees not herself reflected, but

La Senorita Mondragon
The Dragon Lady
Coal black hair with a flower wilting behind her ear
Lips red and ready for passion
Pen poised and ready for seduction
The Dragon Lady
For one day.

My Darling Tuesday,

I’ve written this letter a thousand times. When I imagine you reading it my pen becomes orgasmic. Black ink squirts. Paper becomes confetti. I celebrate only you.

How can you know my deepest thoughts? The ones that get mangled on the way up and out? The ones I write in the dark of Monday’s mind? You ignite a desire in me that crawls from my guts into my fingertips and is only abated when I feel you rise around me. You push the life I create to the edge. You capture the overflow and hold it hostage at the horizon. I must confess. I love you.

You can get the rest of the brilliant text at Refracting on Teaching & Learning
During the broadcast I told @DrGarcia that whenever she read to us and we all would tweet about snuggling up for story-time, it felt like the #ds106boys were like the Lost Boys and she was like Wendy. Again, the fastest photoshopper the west, @noiseprofessor was able capture that idea in a heartbeat.

4 thoughts on “My Darling Tuesday

  1. GNA

    Thank you so much for posting this piece and for the gorgeous drawing. I especially love the dragon!


  2. Jim

    That is so cool, you do capture the essence of the great Dr. Garcia, I do love your drawings on that god damned iPad.

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