Make The Untranslatable Understood. Again.

By | December 31, 2011

Following the lead from cogdog, Lisa M Lane, Scottlo, Stephen Downes and now Michael Branson Smith I decided to also take jump into the photo word translation Visual Assignment 307: Make The Untranslatable Understood

I used the No-English-Translation Random Word Generator Tool and got: Retrouvailles. “The happiness of meeting again after a long time”

Inspired by my brother’s apartment in Montreal, surrounded by interesting life drawing books, cool illustrations, and beautiful french speaking people on the street I decided to try and draw something up on my iPad.

cc licensed ( BY NC SD ) flickr photo shared by giulia.forsythe

I used AutoDesk SketchBookPro and my pogo stylus. I also referenced my favourite beautiful french people with style blog, the Sartorialist.

As a small aside, I’m also playing around with Pinterest for the first time today and I thought I’d see how these assignments would look pinned on a board. Interesting. It seems the ds106 assignment site isn’t pulling in is pulling in my assignment but not all assignments yet for some reason so it’s nice to have a little catalogue of the assignments that I’ve come across on my assignment journey.

As for Pinterest, someone called it a visual social bookmark tool and I decided to join because I liked how Jim Groom has used it to keep track of Noise Professor’s photoshop jams sometimes just posted on yfrog and not necessarily blogged or submitted as an assignment per se.

Jury is out if Pinterest will just go into the wasteland of new tools I never use again or if a week or two I will suddenly start using it and have an overwhelming sense of Retrouvailles.

4 thoughts on “Make The Untranslatable Understood. Again.

  1. scottlo

    As usual, simply brilliant. I love your drawing and how it matches the word you were given. Also, I appreciate getting to see the pinboard thing put to good use.

    I noticed that the ds106 site wasn’t picking up the assignment posts as well. I’m sure they’ll get it sorted out in the new year.

  2. Lisa M Lane

    As always, in awe of your drawing talent! Love how her open mouth shows the surprise and delight of meeting again.

  3. Stephen Downes

    I like the nice line drawing. The pinboard is great! A eally good way to display a number of responses to a single assignment – should be used again for other assignments.

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