Life Eroding

By | April 26, 2011

As per @cogdog’s moving tribute and prompt, I am playing along with the crowdsourced Augmented Reality music video project, which will be produced by a class of 20 students on the Tokyo campus of Temple University.

The sorrow I am trying to convey is about the erosion of childhood; both through the passage of time but also through circumstance. I wish I had been able to protect my daughter from the sadness and anger in the world. I know that there are millions of children without clean water, shelter and enough food to eat, so my daughter is extremely lucky to have been born in North America. On the other hand, she has had more than her fair share of adversity compared to her peers. She is a wise soul in an 11 year old body.

Technical details:
I had a bit of a problem getting the videos off my iPhone and didn’t bother to check that the aspect ratio was wrong until too late. I should know better so I’m quite disappointed with myself.

Also, the AR printout was lucky enough to travel with me for 2 weeks, so it got a bit dog-eared near the end. I hope that doesn’t modify the AR ability.

I wonder about the positioning too. I’m very interested to see what works best.

Anyway, there’s a few scenes to add to the movie. I hope they find any bit of it useful (for better or worse). I’m definitely looking forward to watching the progress.

3 thoughts on “Life Eroding

  1. Aucouturier JJ

    Thanks for the good vibes, Giulia. This is a very honest and powerful video, we’ll take good care of it. いただきます。

    re: aspect ratio, we had a few submissions with similar issues. we may work around by editing 3 third-of-width sequences into one full-wdith mosaic. I feel that yours in particular lets itself well to this treatment – in a way, your successive sequences are more like simultaneous impressions of the same feeling, rather than successive events in time. They could unravel all at once. What do you feel?

  2. Giulia Post author

    JJ, thanks for your kind comments. I considered cropping it also, but was running out of time. I certainly hope you can use the footage in any way you can and my only hope is that it’s not too time intensive for your team. It’s a great project; talk about authentic assessment!

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