Should faculty provide students with lecture notes?

By | January 21, 2015

Stemming from an interesting question last week from a professor looking to control the release of his PowerPoint slides based on attendance to class, and our keyword alerts for “Brock” and “Sakai” yielded this student tweet, I was intrigued to look up any literature on the subject.

Apart from the fact that the LMS can be used for far more than file distribution, there’s a clearly an expectation lecture notes should be provided.

I found Landrum, R. E. (2010). Faculty and student perceptions of providing instructor lecture notes to students: match or mismatch?. Journal Of Instructional Psychology, (3), 216.

Attendance and note taking improve student performance. Generative processing: the student must listen, select important ideas, hold and manipulate ideas in working memory, interpret, decide what to record and then write.

When controlling for student initial knowledge, students perform best when given partial notes. There is also a noticeable increase in attendance and attentiveness. Reviewing notes is always an important element.

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Problem is that many professors are working on completing their slides right up to the hour before lecture. Adding another element for note handout would be very challenging, even if it’s best for students. So all we need is an amazing plugin for professors that lets them create their lecture slides and decide at the time what elements should be included for student partial notes.

Any other suggestions?

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