Hello Worlds. Colliding.

By | September 12, 2011
Typing Ghost In TheShell


So…I’m going to try and participate in two MOOCs this term.

The #Change11 MOOC introduces “participants to the major contributions being made to the field of instructional technology by researchers today. Each week, a new professor or researcher will introduce his or her central contribution to the field.”

By contrast, #DS106 is crazy, freeform, tickles my imagination, gets my creativity flowing and apparently will take me to the (centre of the Internet.)

Are they polar opposites? One is so fun and the other seems so serious.

The important thing [to me] is that they both have their heart in the right place. I mean, at least neither of these MOOCS involve being a ‘Beta’ For a Commercial Launch

I’d really like to try to bring the fun and passion I have for #DS106 to #Change11. I really hope I can keep the discourse high AND pump out a killer animated GIF at the same time.

I might just slack off. I’m really good at twittering the night away, listening to DS106radio; I have a new dog to walk, and books to read for Book Club.

15 thoughts on “Hello Worlds. Colliding.

  1. Jim

    I have a feeling this journey is going to be very arduous, good to know we have a Canadian correspondent—seems like the rest of the Canadians may have already found the Center of the Internet šŸ˜‰

  2. Michael Branson Smith

    One, amazing GIF, that’s some blazing blogging going on there. You should easily be able to keep up with that pace! And I have to consider animation as a new resource for GIFs.

    Also I hope we don’t disappoint, the broadcast craziness starts tomorrow!

  3. Giulia Post author

    You can’t disappoint. I truly believe that in open courses you get what you put in. With all this comment love, I already have an afterglow from the blazing blogging. (I’m going to try and beat my record of 6 posts a month. No breath held)

  4. Stephen Downes

    I love the animated gif.

    I like to think we’ve all learned a few things from ds106, I’m not sure exactly what yet, but if we can add more fun and passion to the course, we’ll have succeeded.

  5. Ben

    I had this gif open on my computer all day yesterday…..I think it killed my machine, but I couldn’t stop looking at it every few minutes, it was that mesmerizing.

  6. Jason

    Simply the best animated .gif EVAR. You have totally inspired me to go wherever you are going, to seek out life on other planets, to make art along the way. See you in #Change11!!!

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  8. George Siemens

    Hi Giulia,

    I’m looking forward to hearing your comments and experiences as you dive into the two courses. I’m tempted to suggest, given the distinctness of DS106 experience (art meets psychosis) and the different rapid content changes with weekly speakers in change11, that these two experiences are best left as that: experiences. If you find connection and comparison points, I’d love to hear them!

  9. Giulia Post author

    Ha! George, I love that. “DS106: Where Art Meets Psychosis”
    True. True.
    Although, the two courses are not as disparate as you may think. Change11 is an open course so I hope no one minds if I bring a little creativity and art to my learning. (naturally a little psychosis too)
    Making art is my most pleasurable sense-making activity.
    I’ve done the essays (who reads them? who wants to?)
    I’ve done the oral debates (who is listening?)
    There are far more well-spoken, well-written individuals for those tasks.
    Me, I’m going to make art as a way of exploring Change11 concepts.
    At least if no one sees, agrees, or cares I had the extreme pleasure of creating art in the meantime.

  10. George Siemens

    Love it! “Me, Iā€™m going to make art as a way of exploring Change11 concepts.”

    I’m looking forward to seeing what you create and share!

  11. Kathleen Johnson

    We gotta stop pal’n around like this. I too am in Change11 and DS106 – Journey to the Center of the Universe and noticed all of the points you mention above. Let’s infuse this mooc with creativity and pirate-ness! Arghghghg.

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