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By | March 24, 2011

Okay, a couple of experiments here. First, I am using Blackbird to embed a tweet:

@giuliaforsythe @drgarcia yeah. wordpress should grok a link to a blog and autopost a trackback as a comment on mine, pointing to yours.less than a minute ago via Twitter for Mac

I am also testing the auto-trackback-grok thing D’Arcy mentions.

So, then I should insert an insightful comment about inclusion exclusion, groups, etc and link to D’Arcy’s post: “In acceptance of Freeform”

And it works! My trackback is linked now on D’Arcy’s site.

I really should modify this post to be more relevant. I will. I promise. For now, there is this other amazing thread from D’Arcy’s blog from a year and half ago that really summarizes a lot of the big issues around being Open and Inclusive. I need to read and re-read all the comments, but wow, it really gets to the heart of it. Also, Dr.Garcia writes an incredible response about Bridging and Bonding communities.

Back to grok’in WordPress- I also had subscribed to updates and was enjoying getting emails to follow up comments. Does my trackback get sent as an email? That might be embarrassing. Or cool. Depending on how good the trackback content is, I suppose.

This is my favourite part of DS106. I mean I love the banter, the radio, the art- but I also like to see so many people trying things. This is truly experiential learning. I can feel my neurons making connections. It’s blowing my mind. All. The. Time.

I forget that not everyone knows what “ok, I grok it” means.less than a minute ago via web

P.S. Grok! Love that word. Haven’t heard it in ages. Going to say it four times a day for the next week.

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