DS106Radio Memory Lane

By | April 15, 2011

This is your brain on DS106Radio:

21st century Learner - take 3

Actually, the image was requisitioned by Dr.Rutherford and Dr.Figg for their upcoming teacher education presentation. They wanted an image to represent the 21st century teacher. I figure a 21st century teacher is focused on the learner and so that’s why I did that brain in the cloud. My inspiration, was of course, the best thing to happen to my “learnin-lovin” brain- the magical, mysterious, mountain of awesome that is Digital Storytelling 106.

The most recent DS106 project is El Mashup. The guidelines are:

*You can create your project using any (mix) of media: audio, video, images, Web sites, data, videogames, etc.
*Your final product should significantly alter or challenge the original meaning of your sources.
*You must be able to share your final product on your blog in some form. When you do so, you should reflect upon your creative process/choices and you must credit (and link to, if applicable) all of your sources.

Well, 2 outta 3 ain’t bad; I’m not significantly altering or challenging the original meaning because for this round of el mashup, I’m working with #ds106 retro-audio. Oh yeah, this is vintage stuff from January, February AND March! That stuff is filled with bags of gold, you know. There’s no need to alter meaning. Not yet, anyway.

Unaltered audio:
One of my first recordings was @scottlo from Tokyo’s debut broadcast (3:52):
I was so shocked to hear someone on the other side of the planet just pipe in like that, in the middle of my work day, as he roams the streets of Tokyo.

Then I managed to get short segment of@jimgroom in his Man Shed on his faux toilet(1:18):
Jim Groom’s Man Shed This one was definitely a late night recording. I just loved the vision of Jim seeking time for himself in this tiny shed. With a beer. And a fake toilet.

Slight Mod-audio
The last piece, however, I did alter some aspects slightly by editing out the silence when I lost the stream and perhaps a couple portions that I felt were off-topic. Okay, well 22 minutes that I felt were off-topic. There were numerous musical references, so I took the liberty of adding those in, where appropriate.
#nv11 planning panel – USA contingent

The whole thing runs a very long time: 23:20 (edited down from a midnight 45min session). The scenario is @DrGarcia, @mikhailg @jimgroom, @noiseprofessor, and @cogdog discussing their Northern Voice abstract submission and planning the presentation. They skyped in with @scottlo afterwards, but that really deserves its own segment because they talk about balancing sensational media exposure and the need to report, communicate the historic, catastrophic and tragic events in Tokyo.

Audio Channels in GarageBand

Screen shot of the Audio Channels in GarageBand

I used NiceCast to record the audio from the #ds106radio stream and GarageBand to edit.

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