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By | March 17, 2017

Brock University Department of Communications, Film, and Popular Culture hosted a Data Privacy panel talk this week. Cogeco Cable was onsite to record.

I was onsite to visual note record, as I’m a big fan of both Natasha Tusikov and Karen Louise Smith.
Chokepoints: Global Private Regulation of the Internet by @ntusikov @BrockFOSS #viznotes

Following the arc of her amazing (and terrifying) book Chokepoints, Dr. Tusikov takes us underground to find a small group of corporations, tacitly backed by the US and other governments, have implemented much of SOPA via a series of secret, handshake agreements. Drawing on extensive interviews, Dr. Tusikov details the emergence of a global regime in which large Internet firms act as regulators for powerful intellectual property owners, challenging fundamental notions of democratic accountability.

Behind the Screen by @andrewchilts

Working with creating some very interesting projects like to make requesting the data corporations have about you much simpler. Also a great project, is designed to Net Alert is an effort to translate new research on privacy and security into clear messages that explain how online threats work and what you can do about them.

Co-designing data privacy Open Badges by @smithisgeneric @BrockCPCF

Great project where Dr. Karen Louise Smith worked with a group of Toronto teens to co-develop data privacy badges with Mozilla Foundation and The Toronto Hive. Materials available online at and Learning web literacy and data privacy is much more powerful if you include the learners in the design of the curriculum.

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