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By | September 5, 2011

Picking up ingredients for #cookielove for @cogdog's mom, Alyce.

The DS106 and DS106Radio community amazes me, pushes me, enthrals me. Repeatedly.

Behind the blogs, animated gifs and audio samples exist some of the most incredible, inspiring and REAL people.

So, when I found out that one of my favourite broadcasters, co-hosts and listeners Alan Levine lost his mother, Alyce unexpectedly, one day after the 10 year anniversary of his father’s death, it was heart breaking. His epic odyssey was put on hold, plans changed and a long drive rerouted from recreational visits to one back to his hometown.

The day he got the terrible call no one wants to receive, he went on #ds106radio and played a tribute to the lovely cookie lady. A repeat broadcast for #ds106radio.

CogDog’s network is a lot wider than DS106 & DS106radio and as some very articulate people have pointed out, Alan shared his mother with us; he shared her loving ideas. Through reading about her and hearing her, we knew her.

Gardner Campbell in his special broadcast, said it so well:

“I’ve never met this woman but anyone of us who have met Alan, we HAVE met this woman and we will continue to meet her. Or anyone in his network which spans the globe knows that his mother lives on for the rest of our lives”

Wow, that’s so true!

Then Martha Burtis created a Google Doc: inviting us to all bake cookies for cogdog and give them away, just like Alyce would.

It is something simple yet beautiful we could do.

Many tweets and pictures and blog posts have flowed.

My 11 year old daughter and I made our batch this morning and delivered them to the Humane Society volunteer dog walkers.

Gave #cookielove to Volunteer Dog Walkers at the Welland Humane Society.

There are also stories from even more people who don’t tweet, use Flickr or blog. My Mom loved Alyce’s story so much that she was inspired. She already makes a batch a week for my grandma but now she’s planning on doing an extra batch to give away.

My friend and neighbour Wendy was up visiting a family friend at a remote cottage this weekend. She still managed to bake and send me this email today:

My mom made smarty party cookies for our birthdays rather than cake. Nana’s recipe box was bequeathed to me and I am now the proud maker of these special cookies and I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate cog dog’s mom than to share these cookies with someone. Unfortunately, there were no strangers around so (fortunately for him) friend Phil receives the bounty. He promises to tell strangers though.

Ellen shares some #cookielove at the cottage.

“Recipe” transcends mere incredients and portion sizes.

My other friend, Wendy (on the other side of Canada) writes:

Recipes handed down form a bridge across which we can travel and visit those long departed. The memories they stir, the love remembered, shared and passed on again every time we pull out our stained copies and begin the familiar motions of preparing them.

It’s so nice to know that Alan is “blown away” by all this cookie love. Through Alan’s network my heart went from broken to warmed. There are some fairly profound connections floating around out there.

Then as icing on the cake (cookie?) Jennifer Dalby had a really great idea to do a narrative recipe and submit it to the StoryBox:

@giuliaforsythe So it doesn’t even have to be a special recipe, but could include personal descriptions of the process, the love…less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

I love how one great idea builds itself into a better one. Just like that.

So, bake cookies. Take pictures. Tweet it. Blog it. Submit the narrative recipe to the StoryBox. Or do it and only tell the person you share the cookies with. However, you do it, just share some of that #cookielove

And there’s no need to limit it to just Sunday September 4 but any day.

Because CookieLove is not a finite resource within a discrete time. Magically, the more love you give the more love you feel. Alyce was a wise woman.

One thought on “Cookies for CogDog #CookieLove

  1. Alan Levine

    Consider me even more blown away then before, given this spread farther then just my networked circle, as your friend Wendy and your mom did. I hope #cookielove lingers in people minds. For me, I am just swelling from all the love that flowed out and back. Ad you described it feels like a force of Good that defies physics.

    Thank you thank you thank you

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