By | April 26, 2011

Whoah, @cogdog blew up all our blogs (I am so honoured!) But like my comment when Jim Groom tried to annihilate his network, we are not so easily stopped.

It was a busy Easter weekend around here. Again I feel like I missed so much LIVE #ds106radio and #ds106tv activity. I did manage to catch Jim Groom’s “Good Friday” afternoon talkatchoo session on #ds106tv. The backchannel chatroom was quite hilarious. With EdWebb, LisaMLane, Noiseprofessor and Nottrivial all speculating on the irony of an unkempt beard on a man named “Groom” and his next likely term to flow forth from that beard. Seemed like the perfect opportunity to play Ed Tech Jargon Bingo.
Ed Tech Jargon Bingo

LisaMLane found this awesome resource:

@giuliaforsythe have you seen the educational jargon generator? bingo possibilities #ds106 (via @bethstill)less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

Combine that with some sort of HTML5 and we’ve got the next greatest app EVAR. 10 years ago, I could have called it a learning object!

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