Beautiful Music of the Spheres

By | June 21, 2011

I was compelled to sketch out some notes from the two videos for DS106. I’m realizing more and more that these drawings are entirely my way of making sense of the material. So, I present to you both videos as visual notes entirely in the format that makes sense to my brain.
Michael Wesch came to Brock University one week before he went to UMW, but his talk was very similar. I know because I listened to it on #DS106Radio. The largest difference was that he credited UMW with inspiring him.
Michael Wesch Keynote

I get really excited by these speakers because they fill me with overwhelming optimism.

  • I can be master of my own domain
  • I can be my own system administrator
  • I can use the tools and recognize how they change the way I perceive myself and my relationships with people
  • I can contribute to a conversation and the result will be greater than the sum of its parts because there is something magic that happens when a group of like-minded people meditate and consider the beauty and strange correspondences of the world
  • I can hear the grand harmonies
  • I can help others hear the grand harmonies through the spiral curriculum, the push and pull into auto-didactic learning

5 thoughts on “Beautiful Music of the Spheres

  1. Tim Owens

    I love the idea of responding to the videos with a unique creative style. There are so many “assignments” in ds106 that work equally well as a vehicle for expressing an opinion on what you’ve read/heard/seen. It gets closer to the “why” of doing these seemingly goofy assignments like animated gifs and minimalist posters. It’s a digital framework for expressing our opinions and telling new stories.

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  3. Alan Levine

    Add to the “you cans” – you can make beautiful graphic recordings that capture the essence of talks in a form that highlights the major points.

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