Monthly Archives: June 2011

Beautiful Music of the Spheres

I was compelled to sketch out some notes from the two videos for DS106. I’m realizing more and more that these drawings are entirely my way of making sense of the material. So, I present to you both videos as visual notes entirely in the format that makes sense to my brain. Michael Wesch came… Read More »

Scott Leslie on CBC talkin’ copyright

Scott’s early morning broadcast /LIVE on CBC Radio – Victoria x-casted to #DS106Radio via Scott’s iPhone + Papaya Broadcaster. I was the only listener on ds106radio, so I thought I should archive it. Pre-show Preamble + Show Post-show Post-amble It was great but my only critique would be that Scott forgot to tell them he… Read More »

History-time with Mikhail

This is a great example of digital interactive (his)tory-telling. Mikhail treated us to another evening of chatting to his parents about their experiences from USSR. { Full Flavour: Listen to all unedited audio of 1h19min here } I’ve used Storify and recorded the audio and am really blogging this so Mikhail can have easy access… Read More »


ILTBHFYTR = I Left This Pirate Box Here For You To Read First off, I am so glad Alan is renaming the Pirate Box a Story Box because although I love the antidisestablishmentarianism ethos of the “Pirate” and the spirit of the box is autonomy, I have no interest in “pirating” content. As for the… Read More »