Monthly Archives: October 2010

Writing in Draft

Does anyone actually want to read what someone has written in draft? Aren’t draft versions for yourself, to be revisited and polished? What does it say about someone if they can only ever keep their writing in draft? Why do I have more questions than answers?

I did this painting a few months back and blogged about it already, but it really speaks to my conundrum so much that I figured it deserved a more prominent place on my site.

Twitter bird falls in love with herself

Narcissitic Tendancies or Reflection?

I’d like to thank Lisa for her most recent blog post, “So Karl Marx posted on my blog” because it actually never occurred to me that blogs were actually meant to be in revision. That is a liberating thought. Although, I really need to find a better time for reflection. These 1am web adventures are killing me during the day.